Coffee is more than a morning jolt. If grown, roasted, and brewed correctly, it can be an eye-opening experience in more ways than one. At Station, we hope to introduce our community to the whole flavour palette that this magical bean has to offer.

The roasters we work with are laser-focused on flavour and keeping things fair and sustainable. We work with a number of companies so you can always find something that sparks your curiosity.

Station Coffee Co: Latte


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Logo

Also based in Vancouver, 49th Parallel rewards growing techniques that sustain eco-systems and support communities. They use cutting-edge science and technology in their roastery to bring out the best flavours of every bean.

Agro Roasters Logo

Agro roasts organic coffee in Vancouver, BC. They buy ethically and sustainably grown beans directly from farms around the world. This allows their Head Roasters to select the highest quality coffee.

Bean There Roasting Co Logo

When Brian Kannekens isn’t manning Station’s espresso machine, he’s often roasting coffee right here in Medicine Hat. As a micro-roaster, Brian sources his beans from wholesalers he trusts, roasts them to his clients’ desired flavour profiles, and delivers them to their doors.

Fratello Coffee Roasters Logo

The Prefontaine family began what is now Fratello Coffee Roasters back in 1974. They roast carefully chosen, ethically sourced coffee in Calgary, AB. Like Agro and 49th, they partner directly with the men and women growing the beans they roast.

Don’t be afraid to try something new next time you’re in the cafe. We always label our carafs, and we can brew you something special if your eye’s caught a particular brand or bean. We also sell our partners’ whole beans by the pound for you to enjoy from home.

Station Coffee Co: Chemex Coffee


12oz 16oz
$2.50 $3.10
$3.35 $3.85
$5.35 $6.15
$3.70 $4.25
$5.65 $6.55
$4.60 $5.75
$4.60 (8oz) $5.00 (10oz)
$5.00 (10oz)
$4.50 (6oz)
$4.60 (12oz)
$4.60 (12oz)
$4.60 (12oz)
$7.50 (4 cup)
8oz 12oz 16oz
$5.10 $6.00
$5.20 $6.20
$5.20 $6.20
$5.50 $6.50
$2.50 $4.40 $5.25
$2.50 $4.40 $5.25
$3.50 $1.00
$5.00 $1.25
$3.00 $2.80